High Volume e-Commerce Client


This high volume e-Commerce client has over 3000 client delivery points across New Zealand per month. With a distribution centre based in Melbourne this requires significant accountability & visibility of all shipments. All delivery and invoicing enquiries required a phone call to a generic 0800 number which meant that customer enquiries could not be responded to in a timely manner.


We implemented a supplier that provided full transparency online and proactively emailed both client and their clients updating them of delivery status – in addition each delivery was automatically linked with a time & date of physical drop point on Google maps.  For residential deliveries this provides proof of delivery automatically as a service standard. This was complimented by an innovative pricing model that matched the clients average shipment size, rather than charging in the traditional weight break categories for the courier shipments. This ensured the customer was only charged for what they where actually sending.


Our client now has a simplified national rate card and receives a single invoice once a week. A reduction in transport costs of 7% has been achieved. Furthermore, a reduction in both call volumes from clients and a reduction in time required to manage freight queries has been realised through the improved transparency of services. This has all been achieved with a delivery in full on time (DIFOT) of 99%. Feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive – reflected in increased sales and customer satisfaction results.