Multinational Logistics Provider


This multinational Logistics provider approached Transport Works to help them design and develop a best of breed distribution model for an international OE tyre manufacturer. They were using a national carrier who were strong into metro capital cities but poor into regional areas of Australia. An under performing DIFOT, split deliveries and a high cost to serve.


We designed & implemented a best of breed supplier network that specialised in the delivery of tyres at a state and regional level. We provided a carefully executed implementation plan and put together robust SOP in to ensure a collaborative working relationship with all parties involved. We also needed to increase service levels and ensure a seamless transition across from the old supplier to Transport Works. As part of our solution we installed an electronic dispatch and invoicing process supported by a centralised customer service centre. Our client now has a bes to of breed carrier network and specific rate tariffs and receives a single invoice once a week.


A reduction in transport costs of 10% has been achieved. Furthermore, a reduction in both invoicing processing time and warehouse labour costs has been realised. This has all been achieved with a delivery in full on time (DIFOT) result of 98%. Feedback from the clients customers has been overwhelmingly positive – reflected through less customer service noise and increased sales.