World Leader Paper Merchant


The printing industry is one of the most time sensitive industries in the marketplace – if you don’t have the product in the right place at the right time the order goes to the company that does and this leading paper merchant was losing clients and orders due to the incumbent interstate bulk carrier failing to meet the service levels expectation that were required to ensure they were not the company losing sales. Because of the large complexity of over 2500SKU lines having the right product in the right state to meet customer demand was simply not possible so this resulted in the business sending large volume sales orders interstate to meet client orders.

The incumbent was not communicating any consignment delays, damages and in some cases not even turning up to collect the freight. This meant that the customer was in the dark and could not proactively communicating with its own clients to meet the strict deadlines on print orders and this was resulting in lost customers and sales.


The actual collection and transporting of this clients product was not an issue the problems there were receiving required us to Identify the simple requirements of the client at the coal face of their business and this was around establishing expectations and understanding the flow on effect to their business allowed us to provide a unique solution. By openly communicating with each state with a daily of shipment status at a set time each morning ensured proactive n communicate to its clients that they would meet the deadlines set and it there was an issue it allowed enough forward planning to allow the printers to reschedule jobs and ensured that orders were not lost. This was complemented by a streamlined IT dispatching function that ensured all parties where using the same language when communicating. An incentivized rate card with structured weight breaks was presented to ensure that landed cost of product was achieved through proactive consolidation.


The results were immediate. A reduction in lost sales and customer complaints was the first noticeable flow on effect to the business and an nationwide service standard with a high level of delivery in full on time (DIFOT) was achieved. The client now has confidence in selling its product to the marketplace knowing that they can set a delivery expectation to their client that will be met and that confidence and service level provides them with an enormous point of difference in the market place.