Software Solutions

As part of our consultative approach to your business, Transport Works USA looks at all behavior models that occur within the supply chain from shipper to carrier to customer.  We have partnered with cloud based TMS (Transport Management System) IT provider whom we believe to be the best TMS provider in the US market,

Part of the total Transport Works solution is managing and monitoring the dispatch process to be as seamless as possible.

Multi-module Dispatch function

  • Integrates with any EDI system to dispatch for all carriers and all mode of dispatch – single platform
  • Can be an integrated, stand alone or cloud based solution
  • No data entry and labor time saving on inputting shipment details
  • Logic to ensure shipments are sent on the correct service and or carrier to reduce costs
  • Business continuance if carrier failure occurs as alternative carriers can be used with out any disruption to business
  • Paperless dispatch with electronic transfer of all shipments
  • Increased visibility on all shipment for both internal and external customers
  • Bread crum consignment tracking from pickup to delivery

The Benefits

  • Allows one platform for multiple business units with multiple EDI programs to dispatch from
  • One invoice for all Transactions – coded as required
  • One point of contact for ownership of all shipment/account requests
  • Full online visability and transparency using the customer portal
  • Simplified rate card with Transparent cost for all possible scenarios
  • Invoice validation for each and every single shipment sent
  • Flexible and adaptable to offer a mix of each solution depending on customer requirement